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Announcing: UP AND COMING — a 2016 anthology of Campbell-eligible authors!

Announcing: UP AND COMING — a 2016 anthology of Campbell-eligible authors!

UPDATES: Submissions are now closed!  We had OVER A HUNDRED AUTHORS send us their work. Updates on the anthology coming soon!  (If you want live updates on the build, follow @sl_huang on Twitter.)

We have a cover!  By the amazing Holly Heisey. See below.

We also have a title! Thanks to a suggestion by Effie Seiberg, the anthology will be called UP AND COMING: STORIES BY THE 2016 CAMPBELL-ELIGIBLE AUTHORS.

If you would like updates on this project via email, mailing list information is now at the end of this post.

Up and Coming: Stories by the 2016 Campbell-Eligible Authors

Cover by Holly Heisey,

I’m happy to announce that fellow SFF author Kurt Hunt and I will be building a Campbell anthology this year!

The original CAMPBELLIAN ANTHOLOGY is the brainchild of author M. David Blake, and he’s put a monumental amount of effort into making it happen in prior years. Since he decided not to make one this year due to slate voting (as he explains here), we asked his blessing to step up and build a similar book for 2016. We expect to be the curators of such an anthology for this year only.

What is a Campbell anthology? It is an anthology open to any writers eligible for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. The intent is to familiarize voters and readers with new writers in the SFF field. This anthology will be offered for download, for free, for a very limited time only (only until the nomination period closes on March 31), with an aimed release in early March.  This anthology is not affiliated with any of the people who administer the Campbell Award or the Hugos; it is purely a community effort.

Eligibility criteria for the Campbell Award are here. We will be using this list to determine individual authors’ eligibility, so if you’re eligible but not on Writertopia’s list, get yourself on there before you submit your work to us.

You may submit up to 3 pieces for inclusion. There is no firm word limit, but please keep it reasonable (around 10k-20k words total across all three pieces). Novels and long novellas should be excerpted. Authors who submit significantly more than 20k words of fiction risk having their pieces excluded in order to keep the anthology file size reasonable.

The submissions form is here. The deadline will be February 28, 8:00am Tokyo time (this is FEBRUARY 27 in the Western Hemisphere).

We apologize for the short deadline — we want nominators to have time to read before nominations close on March 31.


1. You MUST be on Writertopia’s “Eligible Authors for 2016 Campbell Award” list. If you’re eligible and not listed, go get yourself listed first before submitting.

2. If you submit a story that is under the exclusive control of a publisher (check your contract), you MUST have that publisher’s written permission to reprint that story in the anthology. If your contract’s exclusivity clause allows republication in an annual “best of” anthology, you still need permission — this is not a best-of anthology. If you don’t provide the original publisher’s exclusivity waiver on request, the affected story may be excluded.

3. Deadline: February 28, 8:00am Tokyo time, which is February 27 in Western Hemisphere time zones. This deadline is firm. No exceptions will be made, even if the reason is that your publisher hasn’t gotten back to you about waiving exclusivity (sorry — we know it’s a fast schedule).

4. The work you send must have been previously published during or after your first eligibility year (if you became eligible in 2014, you may include work from 2014 on; if you became eligible in 2015, you may include work from 2015 on). The work must be in English, and must be speculative fiction. No nonfiction or other genres. No unpublished work. (Self-published counts as published.)

5. Maximum 3 pieces.  Novels and long novellas must be excerpted.  Keep the total wordcount reasonable — please aim for between 10,000 and 20,000 words total in your submission. This cap will not be strictly enforced, but we ask you to please honor our request for a reasonable word count and use good judgment. Authors who submit significantly more than 20,000 words may have their work excluded from the anthology for file size reasons.

6. How to submit — the submission form is forthcoming once our contract info is in place. It will ask for the following information on each piece:

a) The title as you want it to appear. Do not include quotes or all caps unless that is part of the title.
b) Your byline name, as you want it to appear under the story title
c) Where and when the piece was originally published
d) Any “originally published in” text that should appear below the title and byline, exactly as you want it to appear — please consult with your publisher about this if you are still under exclusivity
e) The length according to the Hugo categories — Short Story, Novelette, Novella, Excerpt of Novella, or Excerpt of Novel
f) Necessary formatting information (as described below). Please note that pieces will in general not be formatted manually.

7. Format: Each work must be submitted in a separate file in .doc, .docx, or .rtf format. Please generally use standard manuscript format while following the notes below. Don’t worry about header info; only the body text will be copied out.

Stories are not being formatted individually.  If your story is in SMF, most stories will work out fine with little to no modification — but if you wish to make sure your piece reads excellently, or if it has irregular needs, please adhere to the following:

  • Section breaks: # on a line by itself. (Section breaks must be marked ONLY with # on a line by itself. Other markers will not be searched for.)
  • End signal: Do NOT write “The end” or “###” or anything else at the end of the story unless you want it to be in the story, uncentered, like another paragraph.
  • Tab stops: There will be a question on the sub form asking how you indented your paragraphs when you were typing. (Possible answers: tab key, it happens automatically, hit the space bar 5 times, hit the space bar 7 times…). Don’t fret about it, just tell us which you do.
  • Special formatting other than italics (eg., bold, small caps, underlines that are supposed to be underlines instead of italics, etc): You must say so on the submissions form; otherwise it will show up wrong. Extremely extensive special formatting may not be able to be accommodated — sorry! — but if you give us details on the form we will make every effort.
  • If you have section or chapter headings: Put them in BOLD and mark on the submission form that you have chapter headings (unless you also have bold in your text — then format them in a way that doesn’t appear in the rest of your content and say in the sub form that this is what you’ve done). These headings will be put in bold and centered, with a page break before them.
  • Paragraph spacing: Do not put an extra return between your paragraphs unless you want one in the ebook.
  • Font: unimportant
  • Page headers/footers with non-story content: unimportant
  • Italics: can be italics or underlined
  • Em dashes: can be an em dash or double hyphen
  • Ellipses: can be the ellipsis character, 3-4 periods, or 3-4 periods with spaces between
  • Quotes: can be straight or smart
  • Any other special characters: Many common special characters will be checked for, but if you know you have any, please mark as such on the form and say what and where they are. Otherwise you risk them not showing up or showing up as a question mark. In particular, mention if you have a “#” sign in the text, as otherwise that may turn into a section break. (Special characters are anything other than English alphanumerics and the following punctuation marks: apostrophe / single quote, parentheses, colon, comma, full stop (period), em dash, ellipsis, exclamation mark, hyphen, question mark, quotation marks (English), semicolon).
  • Images: Not for this anthology, sorry.
  • Different fonts: Not for this anthology, sorry.  (Exceptions will be made if a particular font is needed for non-English lines in the story text and/or the byline.)
  • Complicated text flow: Efforts will be made for accommodation, but it depends how complicated. Where possible, “list stories” should be submitted in a way that can be rendered as regular paragraphs. If you have a story you want to send that includes footnoting, lists that can’t be rendered as regular paragraphs, or some other semi-complicated flow, please inquire in the comments below or send a query as early as possible.
  • Links: No, sorry. Each author will have 1 link to their author website (or preferred social media site) included with their name. No links in text. (Plaintext URLs that are part of the story are fine. URLs can be included at the end of novel/novella excerpts but they must also be plaintext, not links.)
  • I have something REALLY COOL that has loads of absolutely-necessary special formatting PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE: Drop a comment below or query us as soon as possible. One possible option for more complicated formatting is if the author or a friend can make a text file of clean, ereader-ready HTML with inline CSS (nothing that has to be added to the stylesheet in the head) and send it to us instead of SMF. Please talk to us first if you are interested in doing that. (Pieces submitted in HTML would have to be relatively short so they can be manually checked.)

The submission form has specific questions where you can describe any of the above formatting needs.

If you do need special formatting, please send your pieces as soon as humanly possible after submissions open and/or query us about them beforehand. We will make every effort to accommodate people’s pieces. If you have not communicated with us about your special characters or formatting and they end up breaking the anthology’s rendering, the story may have to be removed from inclusion.

8. Questions? Comment below, or send us an email.

We look forward to including as many new authors as possible in the anthology!



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