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A Call To Words: #FictionFightsBack

A Call To Words: #FictionFightsBack



Update #1: For people asking “how can I help?”

I spent a day feeling powerless, angry, and afraid. I’m still angry and afraid, but now I’m figuring out what I can do.

This will be the first thing.

Yesterday I thought, I might write a story in the Russell’s Attic universe about the characters reacting to this. Then I thought, I’ll do that, and I’ll donate all the proceeds to the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, charities for trans teens, and other similar organizations… I’m going to commit to regular donations anyway, but I don’t have a lot of money myself, and I do have a few thousand readers, so that seemed like a good idea.

And then I thought, well, I have some readers, but lots of other people have lots more.

So this is a call to join me.

Modify these suggested guidelines in whatever way you like, as long as the purpose remains using your fiction to raise money for organizations that will fight authoritarianism and/or work to protect people’s rights:

  • Write a story of any length along the theme of standing up to authoritarianism — whether it’s specifically about current events or a parallel situation in another time or place is up to you.
  • Though authors with pre-existing series or universes have an advantage in calling on their fanbases for those characters, authors wishing to write standalones and authors who are not yet published are also strongly encouraged to join us.
  • Publish it in some way — self-publishing may be easiest but if some authors have publishers willing to join them, all power to you! — with the commitment that all proceeds will be donated to your listed organization(s) of choice. (Mine are below, and you are welcome to copy from that list.)
  • If you like — I will be doing this — offer the story directly in some way, so that people can donate the list price directly and then read the story (so that the whole list price goes to the organizations without taking out the retailer’s cut).
  • If you wish, include the hashtag #FictionFightsBack directly in the title, subtitle, or blurb.
  • Write as many of these as you want.
  • Signal boost! Signal boost us even if you don’t write with us. Ask the authors you are a fan of to join us. Encourage your author friends to join us, particularly those with large fanbases. Tell the world that #FictionFightsBack
  • Magazines and publishers are of course welcome to join in whatever way works best for them!
  • Everyone should modify these guidelines in whatever way works best for them, as long as they retain the commitment of writing to protect people’s rights in order to give money to protect people’s rights.

Stories are powerful. Let’s change the world.

My personal list of organizations for my donations, to start:

I’ll be posting further helpful details for help on how to set things up as I get my own campaign going. And as people join in, the members here at Bad Menagerie will be looking for lots of ways to help publicize stories by participating authors and keep the movement going.

Feel free to share this post or reblog it in any way, and please do signal boost! #FictionFightsBack!

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