A Typical Writing Day for the Cow


Heh, this was very true for the first year or so. I’d procrastinate the entire day until I looked at the clock and realized Mr. Cow was due back in five minutes. Then the accumulated guilt of not having done anything productive the whole day would kick me in the throat and force me to write at lightning speed. Over time, I did get better at disciplining myself, and now I am happy to say I only procrastinate like, 50% of the time. Instead of, you know, 95% of the time. Baby steps and all.

Oh, and . . .


Introducing Mr. Cow! He’ll probably be in quite a few of my posts. What in the name of all that is holy is he? My guess is as good as yours. He calls the blue blob I’ve come up with a “ball of panic”. I’m not sure why I’ve chosen to draw him with that panicky expression, since he’s a pretty calm guy most of the time.

Anyway, hulloooos! This is my first post, so whee! Um, and now I am out of things to say. Okay, bye!

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