In Whych The Menagerie Talks Life!  And Fiction!  And Food!  And Travel!  And Math!  And Philosophy!  And Politics!  And Sports!  And Guns! And Writing!  And has many Opinions which Sometimes Disagree but strive to do so with Reason and Thinkiness!

We’re a bunch of overly opinionated writers who decided to misbehave in public.  In blog form.  For a bit more, see our introductory post or our FAQ.


CowOmNom Cow Om Nom
Writes dark YA and Adult novels. Can usually be found lurking behind street corners leering at you.

SL Huang (aka MathPencil) SL Huang, aka MathPencil, aka Pencil, aka Lisa
Probably off trapezing or sword-stabbing or gunslinging.  Or doing math (likes set theory way more than is healthy).  Writes absurd mathematical superhero fiction and other SFF; click here if you want to read it. Also has a website! And a Twitter!

Lusty FlutterpusLusty the Flutterpus
The Sugar-Winged Quilted-Tail Lusty is happiest with a cup of Earl Grey, an evil plan, and a 500-foot yacht. Her adorability has been studied by Norwegian scientists from around the world. On her days off, she swims with dolphins, who tickle her and tell her all their secrets. Which are awesome. Is Twitterfied.

CuriousPuppyCurious Puppy
Yeah, yeah, yeah, she’s the one everyone worries about at family gatherings. Cover the kids’ eyes and ears. She writes romance and has been known to dip a paw in the warm, languid waters of erotica. Give ‘er bone and she’s one happy Puppy.

Donkeh lives in a tiny barn in the City of Angels. Likes to eat, poo, and sleep (not necessarily in order). He self-pubbed his debut novel, Morocco, Maybe. Now he is working on a scifi thriller. His website is here.

HedgepigHedgepig, or Lionhog, or Hedgelion
Raised by rabid squirrels in the deepest depths of deep dark Inkland, this whiskey-swilling excuse for a pincushion has infiltrated your internet.

MuppetFaceMuppet Face
Writing a bio is supposed to make the author appear more human, but MuppetFace is not human. MuppetFace is an autonomous stuffed entity who is not controlled by the hand of the Man. In fact, he finds the idea of the Man inserting his hand into lesser puppets to be somewhat disconcerting.

Bats has fraudulently snuck into the menagerie from the land of science and non-fiction sports journalism. She’d like to be good at writing fiction, but is currently best at functioning on a severe sleep deficit and wondering what other people are doing when they are also out at 3am as she goes off to work. The newby of the group, she was adopted because the others like to pet her velvety wings.


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    • Am I at a certain level of crazy if I have a conversation with myself on the Internet in the comments section of a website I contribute to?

      Possible answers:

      a) Yes.
      b) Yes, but we knew that already!
      c) Well, no, not if you explain that you’re trying to figure out why one of your users is having trouble commenting. But what would be the fun in that?

  • It’s the third party cookies that appear to keep me from commenting.

    Don’t know if I like you guys (and gals) yet, but even if I grow to love you all, third party cookies are going to be blocked (I freed their ass for this comment, but they be heading back to the hoosegow as soon as I hit ‘post comment’).

    Just to let you know. I can post on other sites even with third party cookies blocked. Must be something in the settings at your end.

  • You are an *ahem* interesting group. It would be helpful getting to know where you each hail from so some of the comments will be more meaningful to readers.

    • Let’s see, as far as I can tell, Cow is from a dark street corner, Lusty is from Norway, Donkeh is in the City of Angeles and Demons, Hedgepig is from Inkland, MuppetFace is from another planet, and Bats is from the Land of Science. Can I go to that land???

      (No idea where the Puppy is from. Or me. Somewhere with trapezes, apparently.)

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