Q: What is the Menagerie?

A: It’s a group of writers who gravitated towards one another because no one else wanted to be their friends. Except that is not true, and the Menagerie is more like a group of the awesomest writers ever. Okay, the truth is that we’re just a group of writers who came together to support one another’s writing by doing writing/editing rounds together.

Q: Why the Menagerie?

A: For some odd reason, we almost all had some sort of animal as our avatars when we first met, so we referred to one another as “Puppy”, “Hedgie” (the Hedgepig), and so on.

Q: LIES! I spot a pencil hiding behind all the fur!

A: You’re mistaken.

Q: I see it RIGHT THERE.

A: That’s not a question.

Q: Dammit, will you please explain the pencil???

A: Okay, fine, most of us had animal avatars/usernames when we met online.  Only one of us had to be all weird and different and have a pencil writing math equations as an avatar instead.  Why would someone choose that instead of a cute, fluffy animal, you ask?  GOOD QUESTION.

That member of the group became known as the MathPencil, aka Pencil (or “Pensul” if we’re goofing around).

Q: Okay, now what the heck is a Flutterpus?

A: Half flutterby and half platypus.  Duh.

Q: Why is the Menagerie “Bad”?

A: Because even though we are all totes adorbs, many of us write pretty dark fiction, and we also sometimes get angry about stuff happening in the world. Don’t worry, we’ll strive to keep all our posts, even the highly charged, opinionated ones, upbeat and passionate. We’ll try to keep the crazy from leaking out all over the blog. No promises, though.

Q: Who did your AMAZING ADORABLE banner art (and the art for several of the avatars)?

A: That’s our super-talented member Cow OmNom.  Check out the comics she’s posted to the blog, too!

Q: What do you all write?

A: Some of our members are pseudononymous so they can keep their Bad Menagerie Persona separate from their Author Persona.  For those who write under their author names, you can check out our Books page to find links to our fiction.

In a more general sense, what we write spans all categories  and all sorts of genres.  We have members of the menagerie writing middle grade, YA, and adult fiction (and sometimes nonfiction).  We write science fiction and romance (and occasionally scifi romance); we write fantasy and contemporary (and occasionally contemporary fantasy).  We write dark and broody and we write happy and fluffy and we write deep and we write fun.  We write!

Q: Why do you guys misspell things sometimes?  I thought you just said you were writers!

A: We are Artistes of Ze Written Werd. Which means we Occaysunally Utilyze Kreativity for MAXIMAL EFFECT.

. . . or we just like being silly.

Q: Can I join the Menagerie?

A: Maybe? I don’t know. Ask the other animals.

Q: Are you sure you’re not a hivemind?

A: Totes. In fact, we disagree with one another quite often, albeit in non-dickish ways. We love being shown different perspectives, so we like to encourage open discussions on many topics.

Q: Can you give me any advice on getting my book published? Or on self-publishing it?

A: Read the blog!  If we have any sage wisdom we’ll post it there.  Or any rosemary wisdom.  Or any thyme wisdom . . . (The member of the Menagerie who wrote this pun apologizes. Abjectly.)

Q: Can I send you my query/book/dissertation to critique?

A: Um, probably not. We’re too busy eating muffins and sword fighting. Also, legal reasons. Yuh. Mostly legal reasons.

Have a question we didn’t answer?  Drop it in the comments below, or contact us!


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  • I am unimaginably ancient. Or at least 63, unimaginably ancient to me. I’m also a present-day blog virgin/Luddite, by which I mean I’ve joined fewer than four in my lifetime (including a nineties equestrian blog), and posted fewer times than 10.

    But for the recent publication of a near-future spec fic story in “Issues in Science and Technology,” and currently trying to populate author pages on Amazon, Goodreads and CreateSpace for a spec fic YA/crossover novel, I would not know Bad Menagerie existed.

    Your blog calls to me. You even have an attorney member, which shows remarkable openness to cultural diversity. I am impressed, and will try to overcome my solitary nature to “follow” (is that the correct terminology?) and comment.

    Maybe add a link in my new author website, when I figure out how.

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