How Big is Your Baby?

When you get pregnant for the first time, you’ll find that many pregnancy websites and apps attempt to give you a weekly update to help you visualize the size of your fetus. Most of the time, they do this using fruit. Which isn’t as helpful as one might think, because of this:

s_HelloWaterColorLet’s face it, it’s not the most accurate system out there. They also tend to give you the exact measurements in inches and/or cm, but that doesn’t quite cut it in terms of imagining the size of your bebe. And it’s suddenly an imperative to know just exactly how big is this thing growing in your uterus, so you come up with your own ways of visualizing its size. Except sometimes, your partner doesn’t quite appreciate your creativity.


s_HelloWaterColor(2)s_HelloWaterColor(3)And when your partner takes the initiative, you might not appreciate his creativity.


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    • Waaaaaa, thank you Margaret!! We are beyond excited!! And she’s almost the size of a…an avocado now! Wheee! Delicious-sized baby!

      • Oh, she sounds adorable. (Just don’t eat her!)

        So, so happy for you and Mr. Cow. Soon, she will vanquish all of the regular babies on the playground with her ridiculous cuteness. You’ll be watching baby TV, and she’ll be THE MOST ENTERTAINING THING.


  • I think fruit is the perfect venue for keeping tabs on your little calf. Sweet and juicy, with just the right amount of give to the flesh when you PUSH into it with your pinkie. . .

    Okay, maybe we should talk veggies.


    Actually, Momma Cow, your call. You are doing the heavy lifting, after all. And when your little bambino is born, she’ll be cute and sweet and round and soft and everything wonderful, just like her momma.

    xoxo kk

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