How I Met Mr. Cow

After graduating from college, I decided to pursue a Masters degree. I applied to eleven schools, and was accepted to one. The school that accepted me was celebrated throughout the world for being all that and a bag of chips, so, full of wide-eyed excitement, I packed up my bags and left. I’d lived in three different countries prior to moving there, so I foolishly thought I’d settle in just fine.


Boy, was I wrong. I liked my classes, but I felt completely isolated. My classmates were friendly, but distant. Even the weather was against me. There were times when I didn’t see the sun for weeks. It was like being handed something as awesome as a panda cupcake, and then finding out the panda was an asshole.


It was pretty much exactly like this.

Then I met the man who is now Mr. Cow.

His first line was: “I heard you’re from Singapore!” (I’m not technically from Singapore, but it’s one of the places I’ve lived in for a major chunk of my life, and I’ve always seen it as my second home.)


Such joy! I could hardly contain my excitement at meeting a fellow Singaporean.


Unfortunately, my excitement was short-lived.Post4d


Post4fAnd that was how I met Mr. Cow.

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  • So… basically you got with Mr Cow because you were sad and lonely and he was the only person who talked to you? Wow, Mr Cow sure knows how to pick off the isolated one from the herd… 😉

    • Yuh, pretty much! 😀 Whenever people ask how we ended up together, he says, “Got her when she was all lonely! Hur hur!”

      • OMG, what if… what if he engineered the whole thing, by circulating rumours that you were like, this heinous bitch with twelve toes and rabies and turrible halitosis (most of which is true anyway) and then sat back and watched you with surveillance equipment so he could pounce just when you were at your lowest ebb…. *glares at Mr. Cow wif deep suspicion*

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