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By Ken Hawkins from SC, USA (Closed sign) [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Some number of years ago, while I was still at university, I was very pumped up the day before Thanksgiving.  Not because of the holiday, but because I was in one of those moods in which I was getting a ton of shit done, being super productive . . . I finished my classes and bounced off to do errands, which included some research for a class at one of the libraries, running to a few stores, etc..  (I never went home for Thanksgiving in college, and that year was very excited to use the opportunity for some extra productivity.)

I started off on my errands and was shocked to find that everywhere I needed to go had closed early.


I ended up standing outside one of the MIT libraries, staring at the printed sign taped to the door which announced it had closed at 3pm, and yelling, “WAY TO DISCRIMINATE AGAINST PEOPLE WHO HAVE NO LIVES!”

And that is what I remember about Thanksgiving that year.

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SL Huang (aka MathPencil)
SL Huang (aka MathPencil)

SL Huang justifies an MIT degree by using it to write eccentric mathematical superhero books. Debut novel: Zero Sum Game, a speculative fiction thriller.
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  • Hahaha. I fuckin’ hate people with lives. Assholes.

    I heard that social media like Facebook make you feel worse because people are always posting pictures and shit about what a fab party they’re at, what a delish meal they’re eating, and what a great time they’re having. Obnoxious showoffs. They all need to acquire smallpox ASAP.

    And people are always like, what are you doing this weekend? What are you doing for Thanksgiving, Xmas, New Years, etc? Usually my answer is, “Uh, nothing. I’m gonna be by myself so I’m just gonna sleep in and watch TV.” Awkward silence. Some will say something kind but still sound patronizing. Most people just look at me like what’s wrong with me that I’M ALONE ON A HOLIDAY, and then scurry away as if I had ebola.

    People with no lives are the most discriminated class in the world. We need a Constitutional amendment for protection.

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