Introducing the Menagerie

Introducing the Menagerie



Hi. We’re the Menagerie. We’re here to write interesting, insightful brilliance that will propagate through the Internet like glowing dandelion fluff. Failing that, we’ll attempt to entertain you with pictures of cute animals.

Who are we? We’re a group of writers who met online, glommed onto each other, and haven’t let go. We write science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, young adult, middle grade, romance, erotica, women’s fiction, and more.

Oh, and we’re scientists, artists, philosophers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, gunslingers, and adventurers. We like math and sports and rock climbing and cooking and exploring the world and making dirty jokes. We’re single people and spouses and parents, dog owners and cat owners and horse owners. We live in North America and Europe and Asia, and some of us are straight and some of us are queer and some women and some men and we think we’re all pretty rockin’ humans. Er, animals. And a pencil.

We have a lot of opinions. Lots of times we disagree! We think that’s okay. We like listening to each other be smart about things we don’t agree with.

You can find out more about each of us on our About the Menagerie page. You can also check out our FAQ. (These questions have not actually been Frequently Asked yet, but we’re anticipating your needs. Because we’re givers.)

We have a Comment Policy. Basically, don’t be jackasses to each other. Or to us.

Did we mention we’re writers? We’ve got a Fiction page for those of us who aren’t anonymous, if you want to check out what we write. This will probably grow as more of us decide to be less anonymous.

We hope you’ll stick around and hang with us! If not, we’ll continue to roll merrily around in our corner of the Internet, arguing about the meaning of life and picking each others’ noses. Either way, here’s a baby lemur!

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