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Poor Mr. Cow! I was an absolute nightmare when I was querying. Whenever my phone beeped, I’d pounce on it and then be filled with disappointment when I saw that it wasn’t an agent. Which was terrible for my blood pressure because damn, I get a ton of e-mails every day. Once I created a new account and set it to a different ringtone, my life became a lot more pleasant. I’d send out a batch of queries and then forget about them until the unfamiliar beep. THEN I’d pounce on my phone. A much better deal for me and Mr. Cow. 🙂

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  • Great idea! It’s like when my husband gave my mother-in-law her own ring tone.The more you know…

    p.s. I want to marry whoever is creating these illustrations,

    • Oooohh, a marriage proposal! *pounces on yew, wagging tail* I accept, of course! 😀

      P.S. Did you develop a hyper sensitivity to that particular ring tone? Towards the end, I was starting to hear the agent ring tone now and again. It was totes weird.

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