Still Sweeping Out the Dust — We Appreciate Your Patience!

*licks hankie* *polishes edge of blog*

So, as y’all know, this blog is new.  Shiny new!

We made it as pretty as possible before we went live, but things always work a little differently in practice.  We’ve had a few users express difficulties in commenting or navigating and we want to assure everyone that we’ve made a list of the issues and we’re looking into them!  It might take some time to make the changes — the blog work sadly comes out of our free time — but we are ON IT like bowler hats on Fosse dancers.

So far the issues readers have brought up include:

  • Difficulty commenting because of third-party cookie or Javascript settings on their browsers.  We currently use Jetpack for comments, which connects to and thus works via’s use of cookies (which become third-party through our site).  We’re looking into other commenting systems to see if we can find one with the lovely functionality of the Jetpack comments that doesn’t use third-party cookies.
  • Difficulty in navigating to the comments section.  Getting there is a little counter-intuitive from the home page right now — you have to go through the title of the post.  We agree with you entirely on this and want to fix it!  We are looking into tweaking our theme to make it easier to navigate in and leave a comment straight from the homepage.
  • Some aesthetic issues that affect the readability of our site on our readers’ computers and mobile devices.

Again, we VERY much appreciate the feedback about these items, your patience while we look into them, and your understanding as we work to find the right balance among functionality, graceful degrading, and aesthetics.

And if you have anything you’d like to weigh in on as a reader regarding our site setup, please do leave us a comment here or contact us!

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