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The Problem with The 100 (SPOILER ALERT)
My Friend Is Writing a Memoir About Being Pushed Off a 65-Foot Cliff by Jeff Bridges
My Typical Day On Set

The Problem with The 100 (SPOILER ALERT)

WARNING: This contains SPOILERS for Season One of The 100.

What it’s like watching Season One.

14241926331751424193838223This is one of the main reasons why I can’t get into The 100. The frikkin’ false tension means that whenever a major character supposedly dies, I assume they’re still alive somehow. So far, I’ve been proven right, although that does mean the show delivers zero tension for me. Maybe Season Two gets better?

My Friend Is Writing a Memoir About Being Pushed Off a 65-Foot Cliff by Jeff Bridges


Carl getting mowed down by a tiger. From carlciarfalio.com.

. . . among other things!

So, I’ve mentioned I work in movies, right?  A friend of mine recently emailed me the Kickstarter for the memoir of a mutual friend of ours, stuntman extraordinaire Carl Ciarfalio, with an enthusiastic endorsement.  Now, between the movie world and the writing world, I get messages about a dozen Kickstarters a day, and I ignore them so successfully that my eyes glaze them out now (heh, I’d probably seen Carl’s before and also ignored it).  But my friend also had Carl’s first chapter, which he forwarded, so I clicked on it.

(Now, you gotta understand something.  First, I don’t tell anyone in movies I write.  Second, I’m a TOTAL SNOB when it comes to writing now.)

So I open Carl’s first chapter expecting to sort of skim it, because I’m a writer, doncha know, and I love Carl but heck I have super high standards and all . . . and then I start reading and I end up sitting there with my jaw open COMPLETELY ENGROSSED thinking holy crap Carl can fucking WRITE this is SO GOOD. And I get to the end and I’m like HOLY SHIT I WORK IN THIS BUSINESS AND THIS IS ALL OLD HAT TO ME AND I STILL WANT TO TURN THE PAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE.

So I went over to the Kickstarter and contributed (second Kickstarter I’ve ever contributed to!) and then sent Carl an email that basically said, “CAN I PLEASE PLASTER YOUR FIRST CHAPTER ALL OVER THE WEB AND HELP YOU GET FUNDING PLEEEEEEASE.”

And he very graciously said yes.  So:

Read the first chapter of Stunts, Stars, and Stories: One Man’s Fall to Fame!

Contribute to the Kickstarter!

I’ll add one other thing that may not mean much to anyone outside movies, but — there’s a, shall we say, tradition here in Los Angeles of people saying they are someone they’re not or have done more than they actually have.  There are plenty of people who claim to be stuntmen who are . . . not.  But Carl is the real deal — real stuntman, and a really good dude as well.  So if you’ve ever been curious about what Hollywood is actually like, he definitely has the stories.

My Typical Day On Set

Lazy sleeping barnstar.svg

“Lazy sleeping barnstar” by LadyofHats – Own work. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.





NEEDYOUWORKNOW — false alarm. Go back to waiting.


Read friend’s book. Do some calculus proofs. Brainstorm names for next writing project.


Read some short stories. Be glad I have a Kindle.

Surf the web. Read email. Write this blog post. Watch my phone battery dwindle.

Check in. Wait.

Chat with coworkers. Write some scenes in longhand on the back of the day’s sides.




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