The Submissions Process, Part Five

Day 15:

Mr. Cow wasn’t feeling well last week, so he spent the past six days at home, which was really nice. Now that he’s back at work, the house is all forlorn and empty. Which means extra time to worry about my writing. Gah! Weirdly enough, I’m mostly worried about my second book now, which has been in Junior Agent’s hands for about a week. Aaaaaaahhh! I so hope she loves it as much as my betas and I do.

Does she hate it? Is she going to file a restraining order against me now that my second book has revealed me to be a sociopath?

Day 17:

You guys, I am so excited. No, I did not get an offer for Book A. But my current WIP, that delicious murder-splashed YA contemporary, has an ending in sight! Omgz! It hit me a few days ago, while brainstorming with afore-mentioned awesome writing friend, how the book should end. And the ending is amazeballs. I thoroughly approve and love it. I want to be best friends with this ending. Aaaaaah! This is SO wonderful because while writing the first half of the book, I was so worried about how it was going to play out. And now I know. I know. And I want to scream it from the rooftop. I have an ending!

Lookit the ending! It is within sight! Ohhhh, so shiny!

Day 20:

I might be done with the first draft of my WIP either by tomorrow or the day after that. Aaaaaahhh! This is the best feeling ever. Ever! Well, aside from the whole getting an agent bit. That’s infinitely better. But this is pretty great too.

This is why it’s so important to have a whole new project to be working on. If not for my current WIP, I am pretty sure I would just be curled up in a corner by now, mumbling to myself and eating my own hair.

Day 22:

46 days after writing the first line, I finished the first draft of my WIP! Go me! Of course, I have a feeling it’s as full of holes as a chunk of Swiss cheese, but whatever. The first draft is done! Wooo!

Someone on AW just announced a two-book deal with one of the big 5 today. While I’m happy for her, the news also made me feel even more hopeless about Book A. This is a book that got me six agent offers in the UK and US. And still no love from publishers. Could so many agents be wrong about the market?

Yuh, that.

Day 28:

The submissions itch is back. I’m more aware of it now, this niggling fact, a constant reminder that my book is still out there somewhere, in the inbox of some editor, buried under a mound of unread e-mails. Has it been looked at? Glanced over? Read? Dismissed? I want to pepper Junior Agent with questions. Have you received any news?

But what’s the use? Obviously if she’s had good news, she would’ve told me right away. And if it was bad news, well, she’d tell me when the time is right. And what about my second book? Again, I feel silly worrying about it. It’s only the 22nd day. If she’s read it, she’d tell me. Right? Right.

Two books out of my hands. Two never-ending questions at the back of my mind. One book still to edit. The thought of the third time being the charm makes it so difficult to wade through the editing process. I have transplanted most of my hope from my first two books to this one in the hopes that this is The One that’s pretty enough to get me through the doors, strong enough to stay on the stage, talented enough to hold the attention.

The ostrich is my book, and the giraffe is the acquisitions editor. I JUST WANT TO LOVE YEWWW.

Day 39:

I spent the last week skiing, which works wonders to keep my mind off submissions. I find skiing kinda meditative, actually. There isn’t much else to think of while sliding down a mountain, because as soon as your mind wanders, you’ll probably face-plant. But now that I’m back, I just . . . want to e-mail Junior Agent for an update. But that would be showing impatience, right? Last time, I only nudged her after 54 days. I just have to be strong.

Okay, Demi. I will heed your advice.


(To Be Continued…)

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