The Submissions Process, Part One

*Note: All this happened over a year ago. The novel being subbed was a YA Fantasy.

Day 1:

Senior Agent calls me to talk me through the subbing process. She has sent out the pitch to a few editors. She tells me the best thing to do now is to forget about being on sub and keep myself busy. “Okay,” I say with confidence. I know submissions usually take at least two to three months. I’m totes chill.

10 de las mejores series de la televisión | The Idealist

Like Tyrion, I know the way this game is played.


Day 3:

I’m still chill. This whole submission thing is a breeze. I’m working hard on the sequel and stuff. Yay me.

Day 7:

It hits me that it is the seventh day. I don’t know why that is special, just that for some weird reason, it is. I’m sure time has stopped. Watch the clock until it turns from 9:57 to 9:58. Time hasn’t stopped after all. Remind Mr. Cow every ten minutes or so that it’s the seventh day.

Wut?? Forreals? It’s Day 7? Whoa. It’s totes special, although I don’t know why.


Day 8:

It’s been over a week. My novel sucks and everyone hates it. Flop onto the floor and eat chocolates like this.

Just walk around me.


Day 9:

Run out of chocolates. Contemplate the thought of the rest of the day without chocolate and grudgingly make my way to the store.

Store, why are you so far away?


(To be Continued . . .)

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