The Submissions Process, Part Six

Day 43:

I totally caved and sent an e-mail to Junior Agent. She replied and told me that the MS is still with 8 editors and there have been no updates from them so far, but that she will nudge them this week. Well! That’s sorta good news! At least there haven’t been any rejections, right? Wheee!

Yes, Adam, gimme that half-hearted Yay!

She also said that she hasn’t had a chance to read much of the Adult Fantasy yet, but that she’s been enjoying what she’s managed to read so far. Another cautious Yay on the house!

Anyway, all this happened on Monday, and it is now Thursday, so you guys know what’s happening, right? Yuh, I’m basically flopped on the floor, going, “Why hasn’t she updated me yet?” In other news, I am only 30 pages away from finishing the second draft of my WIP! Wheeee! I will be sending it out to the first round of betas once I finish, probably some time later today. Go me!

Day 75:

We spent the last three weeks in Norcal, which was very good for my sanity since it meant I didn’t spend the bulk of my days moping about at home alone. It meant I spent the bulk of my days moping about at home with my sweet friend. So yay! No news from Junior Agent about Book A or Book B. She said she nudged the editors, but that’s been over a month ago now, and I’m guessing a month of silence is a no.

I know right, Katy.

But in other, more uplifting news, I have finished the sixth draft of my latest book and have sent it to Junior Agent! I’m quite excited about it since I know it’s more up her alley. Also, a month ago, I applied for an unpaid internship at a different agency and a few days ago, I had a very good interview with one of the agents. He sent me a sample manuscript and I read it in record time and sent off my report last night. Hopefully he’s not going to reply with “Um, wtf is this effing report you stupid effing reader.”

So yur . . . that’s all that’s been going on so far. Hiatus on my first two books, but I’m still writing and keeping my hopes up and stuff.

Day 85:

I am officially interning for an agent! I’ve read a couple of manuscripts for him and it’s going well so far.

In other news, there is none. Seriously, I have not heard back from Junior Agent about the editors and I’m SO confused. I don’t know if I’m just being really impatient (probably) but surely she should have at least heard back from a couple of them by now, especially given that there must be some rejections already.

Day 90 (4/29):

Well lookie there, it’s officially been 3 months since I went on the second round of subs. And so far…nothing. Not even a rejection.

Day 99:

I’m feeling a general sense that my writing career is put on hold, languishing in my agent’s pile of unsold clients.

I’m beginning to wonder if my first book is just cursed. I want to tell Junior Agent to give up on it for now. Stop submitting it to other editors, especially when all of them are going, “Market’s dead, no retailer wants yet another YA dystopia.” If the market isn’t good for Book A, I want to move on. I don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket.

Me neither.

UPDATE: I just received an e-mail from Junior Agent telling me she is halfway through my third book and is really enjoying it. The MC has just committed murder and she can’t wait to see how it all unravels. She will be in touch once she’s finished with comments.

AHHHHH!! I am so relieved to hear that I almost started crying.

Oh god, relief. So much of it.

(To be Continued…)

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