The Submissions Process, Part Three

Day 18:

Interestingly, knowing that I won’t be hearing from editors for the rest of the month brings me a teensy bit of peace. At the very least, I know I won’t be receiving any updates about getting rejected until after the new year . . . right?

Days 19 to 25:

Have passed by at a normal pace! Ah-may-zing! Of course, it hits me today that there are only three days left before the new year. Junior Agent mentioned following up with the editors after the new year, which means come January 2nd, I’m going to be back to eating my nails. Even though yes, logically I know she probably meant like, a couple of weeks after new year. Sometimes I think keeping this journal does more harm than good. But I like the thought of looking back and laughing at this one day. Hopefully I’ll be looking back from a huge pile of money earned through the sale of my books . . .

Unrealistic expectations? Me? Nevurrrrr.


Day 33 (6th Jan 2014):

It’s the first Monday since the holidays ended. I’m pretty sure everyone’s back at work by now, which means, yes, I’m back to counting the seconds until I hear from Junior or Senior Agent. But! On the other hand! I have been hard at work on my new, shiny YA contemporary, and it’s coming along really well, so yaaay! It’s really helping to keep my mind off the book being subbed, which is good, because otherwise I would totally be out of my mind right now.

Day 36:

WIP still going strong. Mental state, not so much. Having to physically restrain myself from e-mailing Junior Agent and going, “Anee news?? How ’bout now? And now?”

Someone put me out of this misery.


Day 42:

I give up. It’s never going to happen. Time to commit seppuku.

I identify with Dr. Zoidberg. I have hit the bottomest of all bottoms.


In other news, shiny, new WIP is going strong at 35,000 words. The baddie is dead, giving life to a newer, worser baddie: the MC’s conscience. Mwahaha!

Day 44:

At times, I feel like I could almost will the phone to ring if I put my mind to it.

And every time it does, this is what happens.


On the bright side, I now have a healthy amount of rage towards all telemarketers. My responses to their phone calls range from “NO!!!!” *slam down the phone* to “Why?? *sob* Why are you doing this to me??” With any luck, I will soon be on the universal telemarketers’ blacklist.

Day 50:

Less than two weeks before it’s been officially two months since I went on sub. Not that it means anything. My quality of life has never been as bad as when I am on sub.

Except this is now every morning. Wake up. Remember I’m still on sub. CRYYYY.


(To be Continued even moarer . . . )

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