ZERO SUM GAME now in paperback!


I said it would happen eventually . . . and it has!  ZERO SUM GAME is now available in paperback!  It is here on Amazon and will be popping up on other retailers in the upcoming weeks as the publish order flits through the internets.

This book is a work of art, folks.  My paperback interior designer did a ridiculous, stunning, jaw-dropping job, and my cover designer wrapped it all up in a masterpiece.  It’s so pretty I want people to buy it not to read it but to see how pretty it is.  Ha!  The finished product is so aesthetically fabulously gorgeous I want to order a hundred of them and build a fort out of them.

(I am also five.)

The paperback is enrolled in Kindle Matchbook, so if you buy the paperback from Amazon, you get the ebook free.  Whee!

And book 2 is on track for an end-of-year release . . . cover reveal coming soon!

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SL Huang (aka MathPencil)
SL Huang (aka MathPencil)

SL Huang justifies an MIT degree by using it to write eccentric mathematical superhero books. Debut novel: Zero Sum Game, a speculative fiction thriller.
Twitter: @sl_huang


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